History of the Group

Interfracht in Germany was founded on 1st April 1972 in Bremen. Interfracht is the largest partner in the group right now and employs 250 employees at this moment.
Rotra in Chicago is in business since 1984. In 1992 ROTRA opened an office in Stuttgart, Germany to support their growing client base in the area. This is a joint effort with partner Interfracht Germany.
Intervracht in Duiven, started in 1999 as a joint venture between ROTRA Chicago/ Interfracht Germany and the local Dutch management. We are the youngest company within the group and are proud of our 17 professional people currently. They all contribute to our overall success through personal responsibility, commitment, and teamwork.
Within our group of companies we can rely on about 300 experienced and highly motivated employees. The company is privately owned and has an annual gross turnover of about EUR 200 Million. In 2007 our group moved more than 100.000 TEU’s around the world.