Transport Insurance

In most cases the FENEX freight forwarder will declare the Dutch Forwarding Conditions applicable to his activities. These conditions limit the liability of the freight forwarder. In many cases a limited liability also applies to the used carriers. In the case of damage, this can mean that the owner of the goods may not be fully compensated for the damage suffered. It is therefore common practise that the owner of the goods buys his own cargo insurance. The FENEX freight forwarder can, as an additional service, effect such an insurance on behalf of his customer. As from 1 January 2003, this option is now even available via the Internet. A website has been developed by Aon Risico Management exclusively for the benefit of FENEX members, where cargo insurance can be arranged simply and efficiently. Customers who require transport Insurance for their shipment can send a written request for this to Intervracht.

Click here for the transport insurance form.